Dec 31, 2011
Moto Studios

I have always been a fan of dark backgrounds and pop out colors in the forefront so when I started designing this website I put a lot of thoughts into how it can be expressed as “Media” and to the point.

As I went through many concepts I found no other way to represent a small company than to put what the client wants a visitor to see. I feel that the information/media needs to be presented in a way that quickly shows what the company is all about.

The background paint splashes and darkness of the whole site gives a very sharp contrast to the three vertical bars. I think the colors matched the design very well.

Since this is a full powered media website, I’ve custom made the video player to play automatically when you click on a vertical bar. I’ve also added a feature(written in JQuery) where if you hover over the thumbnails, then a little tooltip popup will show up showing the title of the video.

Overall, the website was very well liked by the client. It took me about 2 weeks to get the website completed from Designing and Programming.

You can visit the website here:

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