Jun 16, 2010
LaLisa Studios

This site was designed by the client and all I had to do is programmed/code it up.
Here in the main page, I used jQuery to do the photo slideshow. There are an unlimited amount of images that can be place here. I think the transitions is easy and simple on the eyes.

Each page “can” have an image on the right and this can be controlled in the CMS, but will be limited to only one image at a time. There are no rotations.

Final though: Although this project was “half” the job as I only did the coding, the amount of time required to complete the website is about the same as designing and coding. The reason is because when you are given a design, you have to make sure you understand from the client what is going on and what they imagine their design would look like when it’s Live.
You can visit their website here: http://www.lalisastudio.com

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