May 01, 2012
Starting a new chapter in my moto life

Ever since I was a little kid, motorcycles has always appeal to me. I want to plug my ears with the rush of the wind and from time to time I would practice putting my head out the window of my dad’s car; it just felt so nice.

In about 1 week i’m going to be riding my first motorcycle and I just can’t wait. I want to live out the dream that I’ve always wanted to for the past 13 years and I believe it’s only going to get so much more rewarding and exciting from here on out.

My first bike that I’m thinking about buying would be the bike in the picture. It’s a Honda Rebel 250cc or also known as a Honda Rebel CMX250. It’s supposedly a great starter bike and not to mention it looks great too!

I will keep up to post on every single step of the way of my dream: To ride and enjoy

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